Mathieu Dubé, MBA.

Mathieu Dubé, MBA.

A medical biologist by training with a degree in Operations Management, Mathieu began his career working as a buyer/analyst for an SME and then a multinational corporation (IBM).

Wishing to bring added value to his work teams, he pursued an MA with a focus on Operations Management and Information Technology.

Mathieu then moved on to business development as an advisor, before becoming Director General of the Centre Local de Développement de Val-d’Or. He was also instrumental in the creation and start-up of a manufacturing SME as Operations Manager.

After more than three years at RONA as a Senior Financial Analyst and a Planning Coordinator, he joined the dynamic Privamed team. Here he not only contributes his valuable expertise, but also helps promote the kind of skills and quality of care that are always associated with Privamed.


emploi : Development coordinator
lieu de pratique : Boucherville and Brossard clinics
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