Dr Nathalie Nicloux

Dr Nathalie Nicloux

Boucherville Clinic Director and Vice-President of Privamed

It is in France that Mrs Nicloux completed her Baccalaureate in Sciences with highest honors. In 1996, she was immediately selected by the University of Montreal where she completed her studies in medicine. Thereafter she practiced medicine for 4 years at Val d’Or Hospital, where she shared her time between the emergency room, the intensive care unit and patient follow-ups at the hospital and a medical clinic. She mostly devoted her time to pediatrics and monitoring of pregnancies.

Since the beginning of her practice she was involved in teaching residents and was appointed head of teaching for 3 years.

In Val d’Or she had the opportunity to work with Dr Grosjean. Both doctors shared the same vision and their patients appreciated their collaboration. Since then, they have decided to devote themselves to family medicine and to develop the Privamed network.

titre : MD, CCMFC.
emploi : General Practitioner / Co-founder
lieu de pratique : Boucherville clinic
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