Dr Francine Grosjean

Dr Francine Grosjean

Brossard Clinic Director and President of Privamed

Mrs. Grosjean has over 25 years of experience. She is among the few physicians, who graduated both in Europe and in North America. In 1980, in France, she won the Jury Prize for her thesis in medicine.

That same year she created a family medical clinic where she practiced for 19 years. During this time, having obtained a specialty in gerontology and geriatrics, she managed a convalescence and long term care center for 47 hospital beds.

Upon her arrival in Quebec, she perfected her knowledge in emergency medicine and worked full time in the emergency ward of Val d’Or Hospital, where she was head of the department for 4 years.

She now has the pleasure of sharing her knowledge with her clients through Privamed, a Family Medicine Clinic which she founded with Dr Nathalie Nicloux.

titre : MD, CCMFC.
emploi : General Practitioner / Co-founder
lieu de pratique : Brossard clinic
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