Through its MY FAMILY DOCTOR ® program, PrivaMED offers a wide range of services to companies, their employees and executives. You will have access to the same online services, such as making appointments 24/7 and accessing your EHR (electronic health record). You will also be able to access your company portal, allowing you to fully manage your PrivaMED account online.


Contact us! We will be pleased to meet with you to provide more information about our services and offer you a package tailored to your needs.


Please note: Our doctors’ services are not covered by RAMQ.


What-ever your needs, whether an emergency, a follow up, an annual check-up, you can have access on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it be for you or another person in your membership, you can make, confirm or cancel your appointment simply and quickly.


For an emergency appointment you have access to our complete network. You simply go on line and enter your membership number and password, you choose the clinic you wish to go to, the time slot for the appointment and thats it!



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